Elite Revitalize Toner

Why Use toner?

One of the most important steps in creating a foundation for good skincare habits is using toner. But why?  What does it actually do for our skin?  Toners are water-based, they go on easily and dry relatively quickly. They are convenient and can be a quick part of your routine, day or night. Their purpose is a simple one, they restore your skin after it has been exfoliated and cleansed. Good toners will balance out the pH in your face, neck, and chest after your natural oils have been somewhat removed from washing, sun exposure, or swimming in a pool. Toners that contain alcohol are to be avoided since they will dry out your pores and over time that will create premature aging. Good toners will soothe your skin cells, help them plump up, and hydrate them before applying serums and moisturizers.

Toners will also gently remove debris and dirt that can be missed by cleansers. Toners also help reduce acne and blackheads from taking hold of your pores. They prepare your skin for your next product and help those products work more effectively. Toners can also be used to refresh your face after working out by removing sweat and any debris that may have found its way onto your face. Toners are the unsung heroes of skincare. There are toners for a wide array of skin types and specific problems.

At Simple Elegance Skin Care, we have created two toners to compliment our Flawless and Elite lines. Our Botanical Mist from the Flawless line will gently exfoliate with organic hydroxy and salicylic acids while also hydrating and healing acne-prone skin. Natural antiseptics like witch hazel will reduce oil overproduction. Use it twice a day before applying serums and moisturizers and you will see your skin becoming less inflamed and more balance after just a few uses. Our Revitalize Toner is the ultimate hydrating toner that will leave your skin firm and radiant. After each use, you will notice cleaner pores. The gentle exfoliation from organic extracts from White Willow Bark will leave your skin prepped for the next products and visibly more supple. You’ll see a glow on your skin and it will feel amazing, too!

Don’t skip this important step that is considered a game-changer by many experts in skincare. The differences will be immediate and you will not regret it!

Until next time my beauties,