What is in my skin care?

It can be exhausting trying to keep up with all of the changing information about ingredients in our skincare. We do not want to put bad ingredients on our bodies that might be ineffective, waste our money, or cause skin damage. Here are some examples of confusing ingredients to familiarize yourself with that are not what they appear to be.

Natural may not be good for your skin. Case in point, coconut oil. Coconut oil is amazing for your body when you eat it, but put it on your skin and you are begging for an acne eruption from clogged pores. Over time those clogged pores will start getting wider and wider and then there will be no primer in the world capable of disguising them.

On the other hand, ingredients that look scary are actually safe and beneficial.  D-alpha-tocopherol reads like it could be an ingredient with dubious effects when in fact it is just Vitamin E. Dimethicone is another ingredient that reads like something harmful but it is a completely safe synthetic that pulls moisture from the air for hydration and provides a protective layer for your skin while also reducing irritation and redness.

Parabens are an example of a widely acknowledged toxic ingredient still used in many skincare products. Parabens are dangerous preservatives that are connected to a whole slew of reproductive disorders because it affects hormone production. They have also been linked to breast cancer but are still put in some products because they are cost-effective.

When in doubt do a little digging online and you’ll be able to find out what quality of ingredients are in your skincare products. Choosing a skincare line that you can trust to use safe synthetic and effective natural ingredients every single time is priceless. Lines like Simple Elegance do the work for you by always choosing the highest quality natural, organic, and synthetic ingredients that work for your skin and are good for you.

Until next time my beauties,