Flawless Collection

Are you battling “mask-ne”? 

Acne from wearing our face masks is becoming a hot topic in the skincare world. There are plenty of people suffering from annoying and painful mask acne. Fear not my dears, we have the solutions to this problem and soon you will feel relief from the maskne pain and inflammation. You will see your skin starting to heal and you will not have to compromise on following necessary safety precautions.

Not only are masks causing annoying side effects like acne, but they are also causing bruising and some general skin irritation. Since we cannot go without masks for a while, our skin is constantly breaking out from the contact with the masks. The rubbing from the asks is what is making our skin protect itself by overproducing sebum, the naturally occurring oil on our skin.

How do we restore balance to our skin under these circumstances? The Flawless line Exfoliating Cleanser is going to be your go-to for daily use, immediately followed by the Botanical Mist toner or our new Elite Revitalize toner to refresh your face and calm any irritation. We have a roll-on Flawless Daily Blemish Control and a roll-on Nightly Blemish Control that will help heal the larger more stubborn and cystic type of acne that can leave scars if left untreated.  The Flawless AHA Masque is great to draw our impurities or heal them before they surface.   Apply these after cleansing and toning your face. Now, acne does not mean you want to skip on moisturizer, it is actually the opposite. The more you moisturize the less oil your skin will produce which means fewer breakouts. Apply the Flawless line’s Oil-free Moisturizer morning and night to bring the balance back to your skin. Follow this twice a day and soon you will feel relief and see the healing process start to take place. If your skin is on the drier side you’ll want to follow this same regimen while replacing the Exfoliating Cleanser with the Replenishing Cleanser from our Elite Line. Good luck and keep shining, we can get through this together!

Until next time my beauties,